Mitchell County


January 1 - Effective date of current assessment.
April 2 through April 25 - Property owner may request an informal review of their assessment by the assessor.
April 2 through April 30 - Protest of assessment period for filing with the local Board of Review.
May 1 through adjournment - Board of Review meets each year.
October 9 through October 31 - Protest period for filing with Board of Review on those properties affected by changes in value as a result of the Director of Revenue Equalization Orders (odd numbered years).
January 1 through December 31 - Period for filing for Homestead Credit and Military Service Tax Exemption.  One time filing is provided, by statute, unless the property owner is (1) filing for Homestead Credit or Military Service Tax Exemption for the first time; (2) has purchased a new or used home and is occupying the property as a homestead as of July 1st; or (3) owner was using as a homestead but did not previously file, then reapplication is required.
If the home qualifies and the property owner files on or before July 1, the credit or exemption will go into effect for the current assessment year.  If the property owner files after July 1, the credit or exemption will go into effect the year following the sign up. 

Filing is required on the following, if provisions have been made for exemptions as required:

This information was prepared by the Public Relations Committee of the Iowa State Association of Assessors.